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Wine & Design - A Tasting Tour

Health & Safety

Health and safety measure and protocols will be in place to address any governmental requirements or guidelines in effect during the show time and to provide participants with a strong level of comfort attending the event.

Venue Measures

THE MART, the venue for Wine & Design, has received the GBAC STAR certification. GBAC STAR is the gold standard of prepared facilities and the cleaning industry’s only outbreak prevention, response, and recovery accreditation.

We continue to maintain our enhanced and aggressive cleaning protocols for all common areas of our building using approved products and protocols from public health agencies. Frequent disinfection and cleaning of high touch surfaces, electro-static spraying of elevators and other common areas will be in effect.

An extension of current building practices at THE MART include optimized air filtration and circulation:

  • We have implemented guidance released by ASHRAE and have worked with our Infectious Disease Specialists and Mechanical Engineers to implement the recommendations listed below for our HVAC systems for improved Indoor Air Quality and air filtration.
  • We have increased the amount of fresh air that is being circulated in the building. We are also flushing the entire building with 100% outside air two hours before and after business hours.
  • In addition, our air handlers have a MERV-15 filter rating that are hospital-grade and higher than the majority of commercial buildings.

Venue Protocol

All attendees of Wine & Design must be 21 or over and have a ticket.

Guests may be turned away at the door at the discretion of event management even if registration has been completed.

Any person with prior infractions or inappropriate behavior will not have access to the building.